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Christine Schweitzer
Christine Schweitzer
Christine Schweitzer

Singing lessons and art of interpretation

Cours de chant et d'interprétation de l'opéra

Welcome to all!


Opera singers in the theatrical career and future professionals who wish to skill up, especially in the Italian repertoire, Arte Lirica Paris advises and prepares you for your opera roles, your auditions and your singing competitions.

La Scuola Italiana : revealing the secrets of the Bel Canto

The painting that welcomes you on our website represents a bridge in Florence ... and also a bridge with Florence ... a bridge with Italy, with the Scuola Italiana di Canto.

As a young opera singer, it is in this marvellous Italian city that I had the opportunity to collect, for many years, the precious advices and knowledge of the Maestro Gino Bechi, great Italian baritone and unforgettable interpreter of Rossini, Verdi, Mascagni, to name juste a few… Later, Leyla Gencer came to complete this treasure during working sessions given by this great singer at La Scala in Milan.

Singing with Arte Lirica Paris

With Arte Lirica Paris, we address accomplished opera singers as well as future professionals. Our desire is to pass on and share this Italian heritage, which, after having flourished my career of soprano, nourishes – for now twenty years – my teaching and allows me to mention here today the prestigious names of Natalie Dessay and Leontina Vaduva among the artists who prepared their parts with me.

Preparing your opera roles

With Arte Lirica Paris, we guide you in the preparation of opera roles, by helping you to interpret the bel canto with all the knowledge of its style and its traditions, to develop the Verdian dimension as well as the subtleties of the verist expression, relying on the solid and brilliant art of singing of the Scuola Italiana. We help you in your professional choices and in the construction of your career.

Building your audition and competition programs

For the future professionals, know and work with your breath, embellish the emission of your voice, enrich its color palette but also make sure your tessitura and your repertoire are wisely chosen are all elements needed to present well built audition repertoire and competition programs to face artistic agents and Operahouses directors and to offer – in fine – to the public, a high quality artistic performance. 

Ora cantiamo!

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