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The Coaching of Opera Singers

Le coaching des chanteurs d'opéra

Tableau représentant l'extérieur de la Scala de Milan

Lyric careers, at a very high level, demand constant attention to the voice’s evolution and potential, good management of longterm effort, and great vigilance as to the choice of roles… we help you to reconcile the necessities of this profession with a longterm vision of your future accomplishments.

Evidently, when it concerns a professional, fundamental gestures are acquired. Our work has to do with facilitating the ensemble of services: on the one hand, suggestions as to the management of vocal effort, the precise verification of support movements and unceasing attention to the excellence of sound production, and on the other, continual indications as to style and phrasing.


We constantly watch for perfect balance of the instrument and the palette of colors and nuances. Voices grow over time, as well as the development of theatricality, which gradually render conceivable, when the voice is well-guided, the evolution of the repertoire, which should remain coherent with the nature of the voice.


Following a career gives me the ground to transmit the interpretation traditions that I inherited from my professors, singing coachs and orchestra conductors. I have the joy then of being able to give essential and preciously gathered information, for example what I learned when Gino Bechi said to us : « Mascagni told me…, » because he had recorded Cavalleria Rusticana under the direction of the composer… or regarding a phrase of La Bohème: « Puccini said to Toscanini that at that moment… », offering us, in all simplicity, stylistic advice coming straight from the composers!


At Arte Lirica Paris, the singing teacher is a « coach »  who keeps in mind the longterm objectives of the singer’s career development. He orients and supports the artist in his choice of repertoire, keeping an eye on the relevance of the works selected, and accompanies the artist through myriad difficulties, which in the current framework of significant competition, represents maintenance at the highest level.


On a practical level, I accompany the singers to recording studios, if they would like me to, in order to be able to offer clarifications and counsel at the very moment of recording. This collaboration in real time often reveals itself to be very fruitful and constructive for the singer.

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